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AL-WESSAM FERTILIZERS, headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is one of the leading producers of fertilizers in the region. The seeds of AL-WESSAM FERTILIZERS were sown in 2001 by AL Taleb, a reputed family of the Kingdom, serving the agricultural sector since 1985. Within a span of three years in the market, the company achieved the status of one of the chief manufacturers of different fertilizers in the region. Once the company emerged out in the fertilizer market there was no looking back, as with strong foundation fundamentals the company’s product list went on multiplying from a list of a few.

AL-WESSAM FERTILIZERS is committed to developing new, nutrient rich, environment friendly fertilizers with the sole focus on executing efficiently and effectively our slogan “We Nourish Your Crops”.

The products of AL-WESSAM FERTILIZERS are being used by the farmers of the Kingdom with high satisfaction. Moreover, due to their high quality standards the products crossed the borders of Saudi Arabia and explored the farms of other countries like Egypt, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Syria, Lebanon , Sudan etc.

Today, AL-WESSAM FERTILIZERS is one of the key players in Saudi Arabia’s fertilizer industry and supplies the complete range of unrivaled and high-quality fertilizers to the plantations of diversified farms of Saudi Arabia and the countries around it.

With its wide range of high quality products that include granular, liquid, soluble, suspension fertilizers AL-WESSAM FERTILIZERS touches and enriches the farms across the region.

At AL-WESSAM FERTILIZERS, we duly recognize the importance of the role played by us in nourishing the invaluable asset, the soil, of the region and the responsibilities that come with operating a fertilizer plant. And that is why our core fundamentals emphasize our commitment to the environment and high-quality products.

At AL-WESSAM FERTILIZERS, a healthy investment is being invested in areas of product development and services to improve the quality of fertilizers and evolve the farm related solutions with the aim of bringing practical and useful results, which guarantee the richness of the farms thereby adding value to the quality of life directly.

At AL-WESSAM FERTILIZERS, all the activities of the company are being supported by an experienced and a diversified support center dealing in matters of Corporate Affairs, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Product Development, Training and Human Resources.

AL-WESSAM FERTILIZERS’s website is here to provide you with an informative and colorful overview of the company’s operations and product offerings.