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Our values are the beliefs that we believe in and serve to guide us right on the path we are treading in since the day of our birth.

We strive every moment to earn the respect of the communities we interact with directly or indirectly i.e., farmers, suppliers, competitors, wholesalers, importers, etc.

We duly recognize the importance of our role in nourishing, replenishing and growing the soils and the responsibility that comes with operating a fertilizer plant. Therefore, we strive to play our role to the environment by taking measures and utilize the modern technological methods that are environmental friendly.

We are constantly determined to offer improved fertilizers, the nutrients of life and other innovative farm related solutions. We recognize the valuable feedback that we get from the farmers and work with them to find out and achieve the productive ways of managing their soils and crops.


We are determined to observe firmness and steadfastness in our activities and be consistence in achieving our vision and mission and the values we have set for ourselves. As we totally believe in saying “Today’s mighty oak is just yesterday’s nut that held its ground”.

We value our ethical standards both professionally and personally, are accountable and act with pure honesty and trust to ensure we do what we are saying.

We are passionate about the role that we play in nourishing, replenishing and cultivating the soils and crops thereby directly affecting the health of the food that we eat. We work with passion to ensure that we keep improving our products and services that affect directly the quality of health of life around.

We strive to be proactive to constantly embrace the creative and innovative changes and pursue innovative solutions aiming to improve quality of our products and services.