AL-WESSAM FERTILIZERS is committed to developing new, nutrient rich, environment friendly fertilizers with the sole focus on executing efficiently and effectively our slogan
We Nourish Your Crops.

Today, AL-WESSAM FERTILIZERS is one of the key players in Saudi Arabia’s fertilizer industry and supplies the complete range of unrivaled and high-quality fertilizers to the plantations of diversified farms of Saudi Arabia and the countries around it.

Perseverance, Commitment, Integrity, and Passion

These are some of the cornerstones of our strength and due to the accomplishments achieved over the last decade AL-WESSAM FERTILIZERS has earned a reputation for excellence and professionalism and is widely trusted in the region.

With its wide range of high quality products that include granular, liquid, soluble and suspension fertilizers AL-WESSAM FERTILIZERS touches and enriches the farms across the region.

Our Strengths
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Our Products

Our products exceed the quality standards and customer expectations in bringing up the qualitative products. We ensure we do what we say by producing standard quality products with economical costs. The result is our increased ability to produce a variety of fertilizers of diversified types.

Our Services

At AL-WESSAM FERTILIZERS, we strive to accomplish our vision by executing our mission, which directly ensures the health of the yield that farms produce. Therefore, we invest comprehensively in varied methods that ensure improved yield while maintaining the fertility of soil by utilizing the appropriate fertilizer.

Our Milestones

AL-WESSAM FERTILIZERS began its journey in the fertilizer industry with the production of wide range of suspension and liquid formulations. Our milestones are one of the key determining factors to measure our success. Moreover, they act as a yardstick to analyze ourselves about our mission.