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At AL-WESSAM FERTILIZERS, we always strive to exceed the quality standards and customer expectations in bringing up the qualitative products. We ensure we do what we say by producing standard quality products with economical costs. By following the values and committing the commitment, the result is our increased ability to produce a variety of fertilizers of diversified types.

Our product development methods help us to produce products that are qualitative, reliable and consistent, bringing practical and useful results, which guarantee the healthy health of the farms and total customer satisfaction. This is pure done in accomplishing our vision and mission, which directly add value to the quality of life.

At AL-WESSAM FERTILIZERS, we have taken the lead in the fertilizer industry of the region by successfully developing new and diversified types of fertilizers, which are complete efficient in performance, deliver the maximum yield and are friendly to environment.

The quality of our products is not only being verified by our QC lab but also by other independent quality assurance organizations in the region. Due to the high quality and efficacy, our products have been well received in the domestic and international markets around.