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At AL-WESSAM FERTILIZERS, a team of specialists forms the Marketing Team, which is equipped with a vast industry experience understands the needs of the different customers for high quality fertilizers and other farm related solutions.

This team forms a gateway of paramount significance in understanding the customer requirements for specific agricultural processes. In other words, the team acts an interpreter for information coming in and going out. The main objective of this team comprises of:

  • To understand the customer needs in their respective environments,

  • To help the product development and quality assurance teams with their valuable inputs and feedback, which directly identify the emerging needs and evaluate the opportunities for improvement,

  • To ensure the required solution and product is offered to the customer with high quality at economical cost,

  • To ensure and maintain the high customer satisfaction levels while focusing on evolving the long-term customer relationships.

This team has managed to form a strong marketing network for the products and services and have achieved to maintain a widespread and loyal dealer network. This has played a pivotal role in making the AL-WESSAM FERTILIZERS presence felt in the agricultural sector across the region.

At AL-WESSAM FERTILIZERS, multiple and wide variety of sales options are provided to the different types of customers, which enables them to choose the one that suits them the most. Our sales team is always there to serve and help you to nourish your crops.