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At AL-WESSAM FERTILIZERS, we strive to accomplish our vision by executing our mission, which directly ensures the quality and quantity of the yield that farms produce. Therefore, we invest comprehensively in varied methods that ensure improved yield while maintaining the fertility of soil by utilizing the appropriate fertilizer programmes, which goes a long way towards optimizing the return on investment for the stakeholders.

We have taken proper initiatives for uplifment of farming community and these initiatives are meant to educate the farmers on scientific usage of fertilizers and farm related activities.

At AL-WESSAM FERTILIZERS, we offer a broad range of technical and advisory services, which directly complement our broad range of products.

We have evolved a team of dedicate Field workers working across the region as of now to cater to the requirements of the following activities:

  • Soil Sample Collection
  • Crop Demonstration
  • Proper usage of an appropriate fertilizer
  • Soil Fertility Management
  • Crop Seminars
  • Exhibitions
  • Technical Trainings
  • Technical Support
  • Farm Advisory Activities.